I present to you exhibits A, B and C

Made this at last today with unexpectedly good results. Admittedly the concrete shards of frozen banana almost took out my blender, but eventually the dubious mix came together to form a really smooth, creamy texture. Pleasantly surprised! All four of us wolfed it down – genuinely tasted like real ice cream. The honey had, in the words of The xx, crystalised, so we topped it with ‘date nectar’ instead. I would argue this is a better match anyway.  Will chuck in a frozen avocado and cocoa powder next time for kicks.

Stay-at-home Socrates

I love TV. There, I’ve said it. If I don’t get 1 undisturbed hour of entertainment of an evening it’s been a bad day.  My main squeeze of late has been Series 4 of the ‘Line of Duty’ (that’s ‘Season’ to the under 30’s ) , closely followed behind by Series 1, of which which I had not previously had the pleasure.

You can therefore see what immediately sprung to mind when I did a recce recently to check how many frozen bananas I had stock piled.

One day I’ll actually make Ocado’s peanut butter ‘Ice Cream’ recipe but in the mean time I’ll practise reading it out in the voice of DS Steve Arnott.

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