A letter to the Watermelon Man, lost

Dear Watermelon Man, I first notice you as you rise from your awkward position on the beach, sprawled on the sandy wasteland between the two sunloungers occupied by your wife and teenage daughter. I immediately reel at your watermelon-bedecked swim shorts*, their frivolous design incongruous with the solemnity with which you carry yourself. I spot… Continue reading A letter to the Watermelon Man, lost


Atheist Guilt

I feel awful. A middle-aged homeless man just knocked on the door wearing spectacles fashioned from milk-bottle-bottoms (not in the hipster fashion), asking for loose change. Usually a small child is to-hand - the perfect excuse to send these types packing. However on this occasion the Big One (B1) is in preschool and the Small… Continue reading Atheist Guilt