Reason #1 not to have a third child

My sister and I have alternated being pregnant for the past 4 years. Yippee it's her turn at the moment, so she's currently accommodating the dreaded black bin bags of maternity clothes at her house. Now storage is a bit of an issue in most families' homes. So as soon as a garment becomes even… Continue reading Reason #1 not to have a third child


Atheist Guilt

I feel awful. A middle-aged homeless man just knocked on the door wearing spectacles fashioned from milk-bottle-bottoms (not in the hipster fashion), asking for loose change. Usually a small child is to-hand - the perfect excuse to send these types packing. However on this occasion the Big One (B1) is in preschool and the Small… Continue reading Atheist Guilt

Well you know where your perineum is now

Stealth boast: it often surprises people who have observed my gazelle-like limbs and absent derrière that the greatest pleasure of my life is food, that is eating it.  From this follows my staunch belief that the main duty of the father (insert genderless PC phrase in lieu of father here) during paternity leave is to… Continue reading Well you know where your perineum is now

I present to you exhibits A, B and C

I love TV. There, I've said it. If I don't get 1 undisturbed hour of entertainment of an evening it's been a bad day.  My main squeeze of late has been Series 4 of the 'Line of Duty' (that's 'Season' to the under 30's ) , closely followed behind by Series 1, of which which… Continue reading I present to you exhibits A, B and C

audere est sapere

Ok I admit it. I'm full of contradictions. I hate pretentious people. I hate people who use Latin or French phrases to show off in articles or, god forbid, out loud (wtf?!). But I feel smug when I think of a witty Latin phrase myself (screw you people who ask why I studied Classics)! But… Continue reading audere est sapere