Uncomfortably Cosy

At around 6am every day I fall into my deepest slumber.  When I have first taken to bed around seven hours earlier, the Small One (S1) clings to me with an unexpected strength, banishing me to the very outer confines of the mattress.  My top half is left suspended precariously on the edge of the bed onto which I cling.  I twist my legs back towards the centre of the bed in an attempt to stabilise myself.  Fixed in this position, pins and needles abound. I spend the following hours in what can be described at best a half-sleep, albeit a fitful one.

At 6am when my husband gets up for work, S1 immediately spreads to the unexplored territory of His Side.  I relax into the welcome feeling of space this has engendered, and start considering the unthinkable – rolling onto my back!  However before I can attempt this ambitious manoeuvre, exhaustion overcomes my fear of losing balance and I fall into long-awaited oblivion.  Perfect.

The photo above was taken just after 6am.


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