Peppa Chic

I learnt a handy new trick in today’s lashing rain.   As the buggy veered off its course, buffeted by my struggle to propel it forwards whilst maintaining a dry canopy over my rain-penetrable-parka, and at the same time hold the hand of a meandering toddler, something had to give.  Chucking my Cath Kidson umbrella and push present* under the itinerant pushchair, the Big One (B1) followed suit, confident in the water-repellent qualities of her rain jacket.  An idea immediately sprung to mind.  Taking the toddler-sized Peppa Pig awning, I simply opened it up and nestled my head directly into its narrow arc.  The results were phenomenal.  The fit was so snug that my hands were liberated for other pursuits. I even managed to snap some photos whilst B1 bolted towards a particularly satisfactory puddle.

*I jest


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